Global ICS


an emergency management consultancy

Global ICS is the world’s leading expert in emergency management, assisting large-scale organizations and corporations in preparing for, responding to and recovering from emergencies.

Our expertise is in building sophisticated and effective emergency management strategies and programs focused on real-world scenarios and real-time solutions.


What makes Global’s approach to ICS unique?

The Incident Command System (ICS) is now a well-established global standard for emergency management.

Yet, despite this level of acceptance, there are clear indications the implementation of ICS falls short in real-time applications and real-world scenarios.

The Incident Command Competency Framework

Proprietary to Global, our Incident Command Competency Framework (ICCF) goes beyond theory.

We address organizational and employee-level competencies in real-life applications by considering key essentials overlooked in many emergency management practices.



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Using enhanced learning methods and progression-based training simulations, Global helps organizations identify deficiencies to improve safety, efficiency and value.


GICS has an extensive network of associate partners representing some of the world’s leading emergency management experts. Global leaders have been involved at the senior level in hundreds of emergencies.


Sophisticated emergency management practices increase value by improving efficiency, and employee competencies, reducing risk and increasing access to investment and financial support from world banking organizations.

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