Global ICS

What Makes Us Different

Learn more about what sets apart Global ICS, and allows us to provide an unrivalled quality of service to our clients.

  • Incident Command Competency Framework: Although ICS is now well established and has been adopted by many private sector organizations, more often than not, post event evaluations or After Action Reports (AAR’s) indicate certain aspects of the organization’s ICS implementation fell short in some key areas. Inadequate training being noted as one of the most prevalent issues resulting in strategic and tactical deficiencies during a response. Following its unique approach for developing ICS and EOC position specific competencies, Global-ICS goes well beyond the theory by providing implementation strategies and training progressions that address applied levels of learning, competency development and organizational readiness at every opportunity.
  • Technological Approach: GISC works closely with some of the world’s leading technology providers to ensure that the goals of effective communication and situational awareness are supported and are achievable even when the worst happens. GICS understands that properly implemented technology starts with clearly defining the underlying emergency management processes and objectives, then adopting the right technology to fit and support those processes and objectives.
  • Real World Experience: GICS has an extensive network of associate partners that represent some of the world’s leading experts in emergency management. We’ve been involved at senior levels in hundreds of emergencies, including the Exxon Valdez grounding (1989), Queen of the North ferry sinking (2006), the BC Fire Storm (2003), and the world’s largest oil spill during the Gulf War (1991).